Meet Our Team

Ian and Diane Slack

Lee & Vicki Tester - EXECUTIVE PASTOR / Office general manager

Lee & Vicki met in England in 1999 and after getting married, moved to the Gold Coast in 2003. They have 2 beautiul children, Jaicey & Connor, who can always be seen around the church. 
Lee is the Executive Pastor for the church and oversees the production of the weekly services as well as the online digital strategy for Heritage of Faith as well as being one of our main Worship Leaders.
Vicki serves as the Office General Manager for both JSMI Australia and Heritage of Faith. She also oversees Youth, Finance & the general operations of the church.
Lee & Vicki both serve on the advisory board of HFCC Church.
Ian and Diane Slack

Jim & Lynne Carter - Missions co-ordinators

Jim and Lynne met in Sydney in 1979 married in 1980. They moved to Melbourne in 1981 and in 1982, they had a son, Daniel. In 1986, they moved to the Gold Coast and it was here that they realized that there was a gap within them that could not be filled. They were led to an Assembly of God church and so in July 1986, they both surrendered their lives to The Lord Jesus Christ. During these early years, they were blessed to have a weekly New Christians study in their home; also with hearts to serve, their home had a revolving door with many people coming to stay with them. Missionaries also came and stayed, this sparked something within their hearts so they immersed themselves in every job they could find.
One day, a missionary ship the MV Doulos owned by Operation Mobilization came to Brisbane and Jim, Lynne, and Daniel went to visit the ship and its crew. On the third visit, leaning on the railing that night they discussed leaving everything behind and serving God as volunteers on the ship. During this time of discussion, God spoke to Jim and said, ‘Do you love Me enough to stay?” They had no idea what this meant, but they knew that God had a reason to ask and purpose for their future, so they stayed. Yearning to serve, and with those words from God still ringing in their ears and not being able to go any further where they were, they were released from their church in 1989 and began to fellowship at Reach Out For Christ. It was here that their Pastor offered them the opportunity to channel their enthusiasm and begin a new department in the church as Missions Directors. The eureka moment! Now, Jim and Lynne knew what God had wanted them to do, Service Missionaries. Service Missionaries was a position that provided support to those on the front line of Missions and kept those at home informed as to what was happening and also offered those at home the opportunity to go and serve, support and uphold in prayer those out on the field. It opened doors with Missionary Organizations around the world. They were privileged to work alongside the likes of Dr Lester Sumrall LESEA Feed The Hungry, Loren Cunningham YWAM-Mercy Ships to name a few. Sadly, there was a shift within the church and many departments were closed, Missions was one of them, but they continued to trust God, serve Him, and support Missions. 
In 2014, Jim and Lynne came to Heritage of Faith Church Burleigh West and found Love. Faithfully they have continued to serve and in November 2014, Pastor Ian Slack offered them the position of Missions Coordinators. God never wastes anything and today, Jim and Lynne continue to serve The Lord through Missions!
Ian and Diane Slack

Mike & Karen Stevens - Hard of hearing ministry

Mike and Karen have been married for 34 years and have 3 children Rachel, Gareth & Matthew. They moved from the UK in 1999.
Mike has been a carer for a quadraplagic man for 14+ years and is a remedial massage therapist. Karen is a registered nurse, working an operating theatre nurse for 33 years. 
Mike looks after our hard of hearing ministry within the church doing sign language. He also volunteers within the catering department and Karen is involved within the creative team where she plays flute. Karen also plays with the Hinterland Community Band and is keen to learn to play other instruments.
Over the years, Mike & Karen have taken young adults into their home for short periods, who are homeless and have also been involved with fostering two brothers.
Mike and Karen have a true heart of service towards the church.
Ian and Diane Slack

robyn Hedge - Pastoral Care

Ever since I can remember I have been in Sunday School or Church having a wonderful Christian grandmother and mother.
I came from a Presbyterian background moving to Pentecostal and then finally Word of Faith. I was definitely Spirit led to attend Cornerstone Ministries at Forestville in Sydney. It was like finding the right needle in the haystack.
I grew in the Word of God under the annointed teaching of Ps Jim Newton and graduated after three years from a part-time Bible School based on Kenneth Copeland's word of faith teachings. This Bible School was organised by Cornerstone Ministries. I worked as a secretary for the Association of Faith Churches and Ministries under Pastor Jim Newton in Forestville, Sydney and assisted with the annual AFCM Convention.
My husband and I relocated from Sydney to the Gold Coast in 1998 and attended Rhema Church but happily enlisted as a volunteer in the mail room of Jerry Savelle Ministries where I first met Pastors Diane and Ian Slack.
I am now happily entrenched in Heritage of Faith Christian Church here at Burleigh Heads where my husband and I live. I love my work in children's church and love the people. I couldn't be happier.