What is Your Next Step?

As part of our mandate to ADD CONNECT GROW, we want to truely connect with you.

H3 Now a Winner Now Available

The Discipleship Pathways online teaching has been designed to help you GROW at Heritage of Faith. This is a self paced online learning program to assist you in your growth with God.

What Do I Do? – Please read this before Proceeding.

1. The program has been designed to work through at your own pace starting with H1 – Foundations of Winning.

2. If you havn’t already done so, create an account by registering your details using your name, email address and creating a password.

3. Simply click on the above image for H1 and navigate to the course.

4. Once you have an account you will be able to proceed through to the course.

5. Each module comes with a downloadable guide to help you. We suggest printing this out and keeping this with you.

6. After watching each video the next one will be available to you upon completion.

Register today and work your way through each module at your own pace.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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