Purpose and Passion

Purpose and Passion

by | 26, Jul 2013 | From Our Pastors

A word from your Pastors Pastor – Ray McCauley

If you aim at nothing then you can’t miss! What are you aiming for in your life? What is your goal and vision?

Like the apostles, we too must have a passion to fulfil God’s destiny in ourlives. Lifeisafight–butitisagoodone! Itisuptoeachofusto spend time with God and make sure that we have the Lord’s vision for our lives. Once you have that vision, commit it to paper, then refer back to it as the Lord moves you forward in His upward call for your life.

Certain areas of life are already written in the Word. For example, how we should live and act as husbands and wives, but personal revelations such as, “Should I pack for Perth?, are only found as we seek God’s face in prayer. We need always to be walking in both the Word, adhering to its commands, and being directed by the Spirit.

Once you have God’s vision for your life, you will discover your purpose. Add to your purpose, passion and you will fulfil the destiny that God has planned for you as you are obedient to both His Word and His direction in your life

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