Special Guest Speaker | Andrew Stone

Special Guest Speaker | Andrew Stone

by | 16, Oct 2021 | Guest Speakers

With a strong Christian heritage, Andrew Stone spent a lot of time under church pews as a child… ‘ever since I was a child, I was always in church, serving in church but my life truly changed when I received a personal revelation of Christ’s love for me, it was at that point my life was completely transformed…and that ‘Love’ is the core message that I take to the world.’

A sought-after speaker, with a unique communicative style, Andrew delves deep into the Word of God, yet articulates it in a way that impacts every generation. Andrew is passionate about partnering with pastors and leaders to live in a Kingdom of Heaven reality and be people of influence in their respective communities, cities and nations. A local church man with a global mandate – Andrew’s first pastoral appointment was as youth pastor at WorshipCentre Christian Church where, with his team, they experienced phenomenal growth in the first three years. At this point Andrew and Alison were asked to take on an oversight role where they ‘pastored’ the pastors leading particular departments. After travelling with and being mentored by Clark Taylor currently and for nearly the past decade, he has specific insights into building and facilitating a multi-generational church.

‘I understand the power of the local church and what it has to offer the local community, that’s why I’m passionate about working with local pastors and leaders because I know the kind of difference they can make.’ Andrew is also mentored by Bob Mendelsohn the director of the Jews for Jesus Australasia and this partnership gives Hebraic cultural and historical insight into all of the teaching series that this ministry releases. Andrew and Alison call WorshipCentre Brisbane their home church. Andrew Stone Ministries has a board of advisors with mature ministry vision.

Andrew will be preaching on Sunday 7th November at our 9.30am service. Make sure you make a plan to join us that Sunday.

*six of their voluntary leadership team came on staff as full-time pastors when roles were transitioned

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