Who are We?

Who are We?

by | 13, Oct 2015 | From Our Pastors

We are HFCC, a family of integrity!

Integrity is the state of wholeness, moral soundness and purity. This mean that when we have integrity our words and deeds are the same. Our yes is yes and our no is no. Our children will be the first to notice if what we say and what we do are not the same.

Story – On a job application one question read, Have you ever been arrested? The applicant printed the word no in the space. The next question was a follow-up to the first. It asked, Why? Not realising he did not have to answer this part, the “honest” and rather naïve applicant wrote, I guess it’s because I never got caught!

For many people the word integrity conjures up images of self-righteous, prudish and narrow mindedness. Too many would say that if you live in integrity you are old fashioned – NOT true! When you live in Gods integrity then you live as a person of purpose, purity and power!

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